This is a quickly-written blog to try to drive home some clear fresh perspective on this topic. I covered this a little more in depth a few weeks ago ( but it seems to me there is a certain low-level madness or hysteria developing about it as it approaches.

Any Grand Cross (sometimes also referred to as a Grand Square) symbolizes a great amount of available potential energy, that really needs to be expressed. The transiting Grand Cross, the one we are experiencing at its peak for the next two weeks, is indicating a lot of potential energy available worldwide for new changes, new ideas and growth & evolution. Some people may feel this more intensely than others, but that is what this one is about. This can be a good time to take steps to make positive changes, and finalize them.

Can this Grand Cross be a problem? Well sure. People make mountains out of molehills all the time. Every day some people take blessings and turn them into curses. That’s part of what free will is about… not always the best use of free will… but this is what some people do. It takes work to steer things in a self-sabotaging path. It takes resistance and maybe a dose of fear, too. But this is not the most likely scenario. Most things in nature flow well, when we let them.

In any event, this Grand Cross will fade by late April as Mars moves out of orb with Jupiter, Uranus & Pluto. And yes, the effects will linger. Ideally if you are making positive changes, you will want the effects to linger, right? Take charge. This is your life. Be open and flexible, try something new, move forward.

And keep in mind, anyone born during these two weeks will have that Grand Cross in their natal chart. These children will have to live, tap into, work with, and manifest the symbolism of the Grand Cross throughout their lives. Most of us only deal with a Grand Cross for a few weeks at a time.

Posted by: Anthony Picco | March 25, 2014

Coincidence or Synchronicity: The Connections We All Have

The word coincidence is often used to suggest a fluke occurrence. defines is as “a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance.” But I don’t buy that. I am a firm believer in synchronicity, and defines that as “the simultaneous occurrence of causally unrelated events and the belief that the simultaneity has meaning beyond mere coincidence.”

I have been guesting on a BlogTalkRadio show off and on for a couple of years now. ( The show consists of about 30+ minutes of chatting on an astrological topic, and then we open the phone lines for several 20-minute-plus off-the-cuff astrology readings for callers. I often ask if they have a particular question to help focus the reading, but some just want a general look at their chart and a look at the near future.

What always impresses me is, the people calling during a particular broadcast usually have similar charts and/or similar questions.

Some examples:

In one show, all four callers inquired about what was going on in their careers. And all four of them had their Sun in the 10th house (the house of career, and public image, among other topics). And oddly enough, all four had Grand Trines to their suns. (That’s three or more planets all trining, or aspecting each other at 120 degrees.) And though they all had different Sun Signs, and different planets forming their Grand Trines, they still all had that 10th house Sun.

In another show, all three callers were, for different reasons in their charts, dealing with their tendencies to be over-compassionate, over-empathetic and ending up being treated as doormats by doing a lot (maybe too much) for other people and too little for themselves. And all three were involved in care taking. One was a nurse, one was a home attendant, and one was spending all her time taking care of her ill relative.

And then there was the show when everyone who called was dealing with Saturn (limitations, focus) transiting their natal Neptune (idealism, spirituality, intuition, creativity) and they all were feeling kind of flat, both a little lost & depressed. It made sense. Saturn transiting Neptune can symbolize that to a person.

I am not trying to prove astrology. I personally know it works from years of practicing it, and seeing the evidence for myself, but if I was a research-oriented person, I am sure I would find reasons for these themed callers… perhaps where the Moon was that evening, or which sign was rising during the show, but it doesn’t matter all that much to me. I just feel it supplies ample evidence that there is “something” that connects us, and echoes throughout us all.

I mean, it makes sense, doesn’t it? We all have incidents in our lives when it just seems so unlikely that something happened by “chance.” Maybe we took a route home different than before, and bumped into an old friend? Maybe a friend’s favorite song comes on the radio just before they call you? The synchronicity is, in my eyes, a lot deeper than that, but I think if we can start paying a little more attention to these so-called “happy accidents” (which I believe are anything but) we might find we are all a lot more connected than we consciously notice.

• • • • • • • • •
Starting on Monday, April 14th, 2014, from 7pm to 9pm, I will be co-hosting, with Sharita Star, a new revamped version of the radio show “What’s Your Sign? I Have Your Number” on the Hey Z Radio Network. It will be 2 hours discussing Astrology and Numerology, including interviews and discussions with special guests from the metaphysical world. The goal is helping people open up to more possibilities, increased awareness and having some fun on air. The show was originally Sharita Star’s creation, and after being a guest on her show a number of times, we decided to join together. More details to follow as the debut approaches…

Posted by: Anthony Picco | February 26, 2014

Which Way Is Retrograde?

This past Dec 22nd, 2013, Venus went retrograde, and then it went direct on Jan 31, 2014… but then Mercury went retrograde a few days later on Feb 6 and won’t go direct until Feb 28 but… but then Mars goes retrograde on March 3rd until May 19th… and all of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune + Pluto) spend a few months every year going retrograde. And Mercury does retrograde 3x a year! What can a poor soul do?

In astrology, “retrograde motion” (Rx) is when it looks like a planet is “backing up” instead of going forward. We know it isn’t really backing up, but planets in retrograde motion often indicate a kind of reversal-of-fortune, based on what the planets symbolize. And if the Rx is directing affecting any of your natal planets, you might feel it a little stronger than others.

Since I have become an astrologer, more and more people are aware of Mercury Rx. I hear people blaming it for all kinds of mishaps. Mercury symbolizes communications, local travel and technology (among other things) and so Mercury Retrograde can bring about dropped phone calls, missed appointments, cancelled plans and maybe some computer issues.

I believe nothing is astrology is doomed to yield bad results, but you do need to work with some things, as they may not flow smoothly unless you are paying attention.

Since the outer planets spend so much time retrograde every year, this post is not concerning itself with them, but is taking a look at the “personal” planets retrograde: Mercury, Venus & Mars.

OK, yes… Venus Rx can symbolize reversals with relationships, and Mars Rx can indicate actions that do not turn out as expected… but there is something else going on when planets retrograde. Many things in life do not happen on a straight path, and retrograde favors those situations. Retrograde favors all the “RE” actions… like REassessing, REpairing, REexamining, REbuilding, REcreating. If you started a project and it went wrong, Mars and/or Mercury Rx are excellent times to re-tackle it, re-write and finish it. If your relationship with someone else (romantic and/or close friend) has hit a snag, then Venus Rx is reassessment time.

And even if you don’t know exactly when a planet goes retrograde, if something in your life is not moving forward no matter how hard you try, it is time to reassess and reexamine… maybe even simply taking a break is all you need to do to see it fresh, but sometimes it has to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. Maybe… maybe even retreat might be called for. Even seasoned generals know there are times when retreating is the best option all around.

So when the astrological worrywarts start cursing Mercury Rx, (or any other Rx) and blaming it for everything going wrong, take a positive backwards view of things. Maybe plan ahead and leave a little extra time to allow for snafus and mix-ups. Maybe try taking a fresh look at an old problem.

Life can sometimes be like a maze: when you go down the wrong path and end up at a dead end, it’s time to back up and take a fresh route.

Posted by: Anthony Picco | February 11, 2014

The Big Bad Grand Cross is Coming…

Ok… it’s big but not necessarily so bad, but I see a fair number of astrologers these days getting all hot and bothered over it, so I wanted to address it.

Every now and then, 4 or more planets in the sky get into a configuration we refer to as a Grand Cross. This consists of at least two planets on opposite sides of the sky that are 90º from at least two other planets on opposite sides of the sky. If you were to draw a line between these planets, it would form a cross, and so we call it a Grand Cross.

And so, roughly from April 20th to April 27th, 2014, Pluto will be at 13º Capricorn opposing Jupiter at 13º – 14º Cancer, while Uranus will be at 13º Aries opposing Mars at 14º -12º Libra. And Pluto & Jupiter are squaring Uranus & Mars. Now, due to the slow speed of both Pluto & Uranus, the square between them has activated a few times so far and besides getting trigger with the Grand Cross, that square will activate a couple of more times yet.

So let’s look at that square as a starting point. Pluto symbolizes major transformation & change. Uranus symbolizes freedom, new ideas and some chaos. This square has been with us since June 2012 and will be recurring until its last connection in March 2015. Pluto is transformation, Uranus is often surprising change, and over the past couple of years we have had transformative & surprising change in attitudes & laws regarding the rights of homosexuals to marry, and the legal status of marijuana. We have seen a Pope elected that is espousing some remarkably different ideas than the public has come to expect from a Pope. I am sure you can look around you & see more radical transforming changes lately.

But this time around, in April, Jupiter opposing Pluto, and Mars opposing Uranus, will augment the Pluto/Uranus square.. And on the 20th the Moon will be hanging out with Pluto, and on the 27th, it will be next to Uranus. This IS a heady mix. And if you have any planets in your chart at 12º to 16º of a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer. Libra and Capricorn) you will feel this Grand Cross personally too.

My general advice is, stay as loose and as flexible as possible. Change is afoot and being adaptable is an easier way to adjust to change. And this is deep change, Plutonian change, not just throwing a new coat of paint on something to spruce it up. This is change down in the root systems.

An astrological colleague of mine really put it succinctly and poetically in her blog, which I have extracted and quoted below (italics and bold are mine). “The Cardinal signs are all about control… it comes down to this: if you don’t run your life, someone else will. Be aware that we are going to be dealing with a Cardinal T-square all the way into July 2014. Some may groan, but I see this as a chance to set your life up the way you want it. To work with this energy, your philosophy (Jupiter) may have to change (Uranus), drastically (Pluto). But any effort (Mars) you make to liberate yourself is likely to pay long term dividends. ~ Elsa Panizzon from

Posted by: Anthony Picco | November 27, 2013

Protection from…?

Years ago, when I first began meditating, I was taught to create an energy aura around myself to “protect” myself. Since I was new to the practice, I was not yet inclined to openly question any instructions. In any educational situation, I believe in learning the traditional way first before adapting and customizing anything.

But as the years rolled on, and I learned more spiritual stuff, again that notion of protection turned up. I studied crystals, and was told certain crystals were “protection” from an assortment of things: negative spirits, negative energy, psychic attacks.

After awhile, the term protection started to bother me. I have a natural aversion to anything that seems purely fear-based. Mind you, I have a healthy respect for genuine, in-the-moment fear, because that is usually my intuition telling me there is something to be concerned about it. Listening to that type of fear is helpful, but this ongoing generalized fear and this generic protection, bothered me.

Being a fan of some of the teachings of Taoism, I believe very strongly in the dynamics of opposites that flow together in cycles, like the idea of yin & yang. Astrology also makes use of the ideas of opposites helping to define each other. You can better understand Aries by realizing it is the opposite of Libra, and how they relate to, connect and reflect upon each other. The same holds true for other oppositions like Taurus & Scorpio or Gemini & Sagittarius, etc. And night helps define day, and day, night.

So, I thought, that means protecting myself when there was nothing in the here and now to fear, implies a potential threat. There is, I feel, a law of balances in our lives. Some use the term “karma” to define it. And then I considered some of the teachings of Seth ( He has said “You get what you concentrate on.” Based on the concept of opposites, was I also creating a threat every time I asked for, or created, protection? Was I creating my own demons by using a fear-based concept? And if so, how could I change that?

A few years ago, I started attending a group meditation that lasted 60 to 90 minutes. The goal was to welcome all sorts of interesting & useful information from our intuitive selves, and any other entities that might be willing to contact us, or speak through us. The first few sessions were a bit chaotic, as everything but the kitchen sink came through, spiritually speaking, but we soon started declaring our intent with each meditation session, and focused the group, and thing went more smoothly.

So I realized there was a way of focusing and selecting energy without the idea of protection. And I wanted to find the right word, so I could frame my request clearly. The word I use these days is “filter.”

It can be difficult at times to maintain a life free of ongoing nameless fear. Sometimes we can be so inculcated with fear-based attitudes from newspapers, television, government & religious warnings, it can be difficult to maintain a daily level of emotional, mental & spiritual flow. These days when I begin to meditate, or do any similar activity, I create a filter around me that permits me to receive the things I need to receive. I believe the choice of words and concepts is important, as it sets intent.

Posted by: Anthony Picco | November 21, 2013

Guest Post/Repost: Doing Nothing

I have never done this before with my blog, but I stumbled across some writing today on Reddit and was impressed. I very lightly edited it for clarity, but I do not know who to attribute as author, because it was posted by someone ID’d as ALooc. So thank you, ALooc…
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Doing Nothing

Doing nothing is the wrong concept. You never do nothing, because even when your body is still, your mind is churning and processing information.

I have a strong dislike against “wasting time.” I don’t like myself when I spend time on nonsense. And so I fill all of my day with “constructive things.” My walk to work is filled with podcasts, the time waiting for the food to bake is filled with news articles. While eating I entertain myself with shows or TED talks or whatnot.

The best decision I made in the last few weeks was to stop most of that.

Aristotle recommended taking walks—especially while discussing with another person. And now, walking to work with just my mind, the scenery and passing people as company, I feel more relaxed. I feel serene. I learn to understand myself better, just the way a meditation clears my mind. I mentally plan my evening or reflect on the day—conflicts with the boss, troubles, things I achieved, things I learned. I finally notice the food I’m eating.

The list goes on. I’m not going to stop consuming information and I’m not going to stop using podcasts on some long walks—but I live more consciously, more aware, more relaxed. It’s small changes and suddenly I’m happier and can handle stress better.

I think we all tend to drown our minds—emotions, thoughts, worries, little wins, conversations we had or want to have and much more—we drown all of it in manufactured emotions (reddit, games, tv) or interesting, valuable, but ultimately unnecessary information.

When we say “doing nothing” we confuse ourselves. We are doing things all the time, and our brains never take a break. But when you “do nothing” you finally allow your brain to breathe and process all the things it needs and wants to process. I think all these modern diseases—sleeping problems, stress, depression, short attention spans, even obesity—they have a lot to do with the fact that we don’t allow our brains  to breathe anymore. We bombard them with stuff—either information or, worse, emotion—and in order to handle this stuff, other important tasks—’housekeeping’ tasks such as consolidating memories, reflecting about one’s feelings and health and happiness, planning healthy food, considering how to bring up that issue with the boss—are drowned in a sea of emotion and information. They are drowned in a wonderful wealth of “stuff to process” that ultimately prevents our brains from ensuring their own— our own—mental and physical health.

We are indoctrinated with an idea that time needs to be “spent”. That’s why you wonder what people do when they don’t do all the things you do. I tell you what: they engage with others and, more importantly, with themselves. They learn who they are and what they value. Without any effort their minds plan the future and consolidate memories of the past.

That, I think, is what it means to be truly alive. “The unexamined life is not worth living,” said Socrates. The modern version is maybe this:
The person that lives solely in emotions and information from outside oneself—the person that never pulls out of a messy reality and gives itself over to a mental spa, a time of healing and processing, a time of reflecting, feeling, thinking, seeing, worrying, planning, smiling—that person doesn’t live.

Take a walk. Leave the iPod and your phone at home. Find some trees or a place with a nice view. It’s even okay if you just lie down on the couch or stand in the shower or sit at your desk, with your eyes looking past the screen. Just be you, for a moment. And then watch, carefully, without judgment, all those things that happen in your mind while you “do nothing.”

Posted by: Anthony Picco | October 8, 2013

Saturn Returns Again! (Part 3: My 30th Anniversary)

In less than seven days, this Monday, October 14, 2013 will be the 30th anniversary of the very first astrology reading I ever received. Previously I had rejected astrology, but in the several months before my first reading I had been playing with it. This wasn’t deep research. I made a list of all the signs on a few sheets of paper, and then entered the names of everyone I knew under each sign. I discovered there were a lot more Tauruses, Capricorns and Libras than other signs. When I looked it up, these were the signs I “should” have been drawn to. “OK, fair enough,” I thought, “I didn’t plan that consciously. That’s curious.”

And then a friend had her birth chart read by a professional astrologer (Lilian Laishley: and she was happy with it, and suitably impressed. I now knew of a good astrologer, so I went and had my own reading done. Unbeknownst to me, my birth time was off by 90 minutes, but it didn’t matter all that much*. The reading was accurate, so precise that I was completely freaked out. I’m not kidding here. I have always tended to keep certain personal things close to the vest and private. Or so I thought. She knew them all. I was paranoid by the time the reading was over. How long had she been spying on me? Was my phone tapped? Did she interview my friends? How did she do that? (Capricorns can be prone to paranoia…)

So I started grabbing any and every book I could on astrology. I pored over my chart, making notes, trying to figure it all out. Then, I started dragging my friends into it. I did them all in my crude, ham-handed, amateur manner, but it worked! Astrology worked!

But I was still not satisfied. After all, I kind-of knew my friends, so was it the astrology, or me? And then one day a stranger dropped into my hands, asking for a reading. I knew nothing at all about her, except she was an operator at my answering service. And the reading worked. Since I asked for $5.00 (I was a novice but thought I ought to get paid something) I was now, by definition, a professional astrologer. That was 27 years ago. It took me two+ years to get to the point where I would consider doing a “stranger’s” chart. And I have not looked back since.

So I went for my first astrology reading at the same time I was experiencing my first Saturn Return. This is not all that uncommon. A fair amount of my clients often get an astrology reading during, or just before, their first Saturn Return. It’s roughly every 29-30 years for everyone). A Saturn Return is about taking inventory of your life, examining it, getting rid of the dead weight and charting a course. In 1983 I used it to become an astrologer. The last pass of my second Saturn Return was a month ago and here I am 30 years later, rededicating myself, co-writing an astrology book and starting Act II in my career as a professional astrologer.

It’s pretty exciting.

*although exact birth time is always preferred, I have done many noon charts for people with unknown birth times. The results are 90% on target.

Updating astrology for the modern world is an ongoing enterprise.

At one of my professional astrology discussion forums online, someone posted the following question: “I have many clients who are Gay. They are always asking me what are the indicators of Gay people in a chart. I know a few that I have seen such as South Node conj Mercury and Venus retro, but I know there has to be more. Does anyone here know of any other indicators that would show a person would be Gay?”

I just want to say “No, no, no, no, no!”

To start with, a few years ago, I posted a blog ( discussing gender, and pointed out “there is nothing in the chart that indicates the client’s gender. A man’s chart looks exactly the same as a woman’s chart.” So if that’s true, then how could a chart indicate same sex preferences, when gender isn’t even addressed?

Part of the issue here depends on whether being homosexual is still regarded as “not normal” culturally. As I understand it, the Ancient Greeks did not even have a word for “homosexuality,” which implies they felt sexuality was sexuality, regardless of the gender of the people involved.

Traditional astrology regarded the placement of Venus in the 12th house (unconscious awareness, secrets, hidden enemies, etc.) as a potential for “hidden love.” Years ago I had a gay client who was pleasantly surprised by that information (he had a 12th house Venus) but he was 75 years old at the time and had lived through almost his entire life having to keep his love hidden. But if society shifts enough to accept homosexuality, it is no longer a “love that dare not speak its name,” so that will change what kind of indicators to look for. Going back to the earlier example, a Venus in the 12th house can also imply love relationships that are not free and open for many other reasons. Perhaps a person is in love with a partner married to someone else and can’t get a divorce, or a partner that is incarcerated for 20 years, or a partner in another country that cannot immigrate.

Among other subjects, traditional astrology regards Venus as symbolic of the type of one-to-one relationships and/or partners a person will seek out. Mars represents the physical, sexual side of relationships. Neither of those planets suggest the gender of the people involved, whether male/female, male/male or female/female. We can tell who and why and what a person wants from love & sexuality, but not what sex they are. That alone is a telling concept about what we consider male and female roles in society. If we strip away all the cultural significance attached to the expected behavior of males and females in society, we would find two strong, intelligent capable sexes, with the only real differences being biological, not emotional or intellectual.

It is also my belief that we cannot find indicators of homosexuality in a person’s chart because there is nothing abnormal or deviant about it.

Posted by: Anthony Picco | September 10, 2013

Who Are “Mom & Dad” in Astrology? (Updating Astrology Part 1)

One of the more interesting things I like to do with astrology is update it. Astrology is 5,000+ years old, and was originally codified under very different social & cultural times. It’s not that astrology is changing, but we have to apply it to new variations on traditional situations, so sometimes its outlook has to be adjusted. Over the past 200 years or so a lot of stuff has happened. Technology has transformed our lives, two planets were discovered (Neptune & Pluto) and the roles of men & women have been shifting.

But in order to redefine and adapt, I feel the need to strip the original concepts down to their core meanings, the re-assess and re-apply them.

So one of the ideas I have re-assessed is “Mom & Dad.” Astrology attaches the Moon, the sign of Cancer and the 4th house to Mom, and Dad gets Capricorn, the Sun & Saturn, and the 10th house. And incidentally, Cancer & the 4th house are in opposition to Capricorn, so that adds a little extra information.

The 4th house & the Moon & Cancer are associated with your inner self. One of the keyword phrases I use for the 4th house is “the roots of your psyche.” It is at the bottom of the chart. In a sense, you can’t go any deeper. So the parent who affects how you feel deep inside about yourself, the parent who ideally should love you intuitively, emotionally and unconditionally, regardless of any logic whatsoever, is connected to the 4th house & the Moon & the sign of Cancer. In a sense, “mommy” is the parent that connects you to your emotional, intuitive side, teaching you to love & accept yourself no matter what. Or, as I call it, “The Inner Parent.”

The 10th house & Saturn & Capricorn are about the physical world, the outside world. The 10th house, at the top of the chart. is as far away as you can get from your inner self, symbolizing career & public image. Traditionally the father left the home to go out and work. The father represented the outer world, and the logical, factual stuff that you will have to deal with “out there.” The father was the conduit to information about the outside world. So in a sense, “The Outer Parent” introduces you to the outside world.

And since the Sun is the center of our solar system, and symbolizes the daytime, there are “outer” or “daddy” qualities assigned to it too… and in our current society, as we have created it, the so-called outside world is a little more important than the inner world.

Yet because our societal and familial roles are getting a little blurred, I have abandoned the words “father” and “mother” for the concepts of “outer parent” and “inner parent.” Since the person playing the role of “father” may not be a male, and the person playing the role of “mother” may not be a female, the terms “outer parent” and “inner parent” simply make more sense to me by clearly defining the role of that parent, and avoiding the limiting ideas of dad and mom always being thought of as exclusively male & female.

Posted by: Anthony Picco | August 20, 2013

Picking A Date & Time, Astrologically

Sometimes I get requests from people, asking me to pick a good time to open a store, launch a website, start a project, or set a wedding date. This is called Electional Astrology and I always have mixed feelings about doing it, because everyone wants the “perfect” time. Picking a day for an event is a challenge. Every day has both positive flowing energies, and some challenging energies. Some days are quieter than others. This is neither “good” nor “bad” per se. It depends upon what the people are seeking.

Often, to save myself hours of research, I will ask the person to give me target dates, to try and narrow it down. I have no desire to examine 365 days to find the “right” one. It would cost too much and I am also lazy. But I also believe if they choose specific days, there must be something in all the stuff going on in the sky those days that resonates for them, even if they don’t know astrology. We all know more than we realize. All astrology can do is make us more aware of that. When a couple picks a wedding date or two, all I am doing is offering the fine tuning to adjust the choice they already made. Usually that means fiddling with the best time of day to perform the ceremony.

Recently a couple came to me with a chosen wedding date. I was a little surprised, as that day was full of some pretty intense energy. And I told them this would not be a run-of-the-mill marriage. There would be constant adapting and shifting, and ideally, a lot of ongoing personal growth and evolution to keep the marriage alive and breathing. And they both had charts that reflected similar personalities. They really weren’t the kind of people that wanted to live “happily ever after” in a cozy home. So I adjusted the time of the day and gave them a few different times that would make the chart work best, with a little advice about the differences between those times. And I wish they the very best.

I am also a little wary of doing this kind of work because I believe there is no such thing exactly as “happily ever after.” Any marriage, any project, will have positive qualities and challenging qualities. To me, that’s part of life. I learned over the years not to expect a problem-free life. I find great joy in discovering and successfully solving or fixing a problem. That’s what ends up giving me more confidence. “Hey, I handled that, I bet I can handle the next one!”

And even if you could give a person a “perfect” start date, the outcome is still up to them. You could sell someone the perfect car, with all the safety features, but if they drive it off a cliff there’s not much you can do for them.

Me, personally… I prefer picking a time for a project I am planning and then examining that chart. I feel that tells me more about what I am choosing to do. This does not mean I don’t trust astrology. It does mean I think we can be connected to the universe via intuition, and when I can, I practice trusting my gut instinct before I consult the stars.

When I first started this blog back in Dec 2009, I wrote a few posts to prep, chose a name and launched it. Then I checked the chart. Turns out it was really favorable. The time was ripe. My intuition was doing well.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Incidentally, if you are looking for a good list of astrology blogs, (I am listed, too) this is a great resource:

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