Posted by: aspicco | November 27, 2013

Protection from…?

Years ago, when I first began meditating, I was taught to create an energy aura around myself to “protect” myself. Since I was new to the practice, I was not yet inclined to openly question any instructions. In any educational situation, I believe in learning the traditional way first before adapting and customizing anything.

But as the years rolled on, and I learned more spiritual stuff, again that notion of protection turned up. I studied crystals, and was told certain crystals were “protection” from an assortment of things: negative spirits, negative energy, psychic attacks.

After awhile, the term protection started to bother me. I have a natural aversion to anything that seems purely fear-based. Mind you, I have a healthy respect for genuine, in-the-moment fear, because that is usually my intuition telling me there is something to be concerned about it. Listening to that type of fear is helpful, but this ongoing generalized fear and this generic protection, bothered me.

Being a fan of some of the teachings of Taoism, I believe very strongly in the dynamics of opposites that flow together in cycles, like the idea of yin & yang. Astrology also makes use of the ideas of opposites helping to define each other. You can better understand Aries by realizing it is the opposite of Libra, and how they relate to, connect and reflect upon each other. The same holds true for other oppositions like Taurus & Scorpio or Gemini & Sagittarius, etc. And night helps define day, and day, night.

So, I thought, that means protecting myself when there was nothing in the here and now to fear, implies a potential threat. There is, I feel, a law of balances in our lives. Some use the term “karma” to define it. And then I considered some of the teachings of Seth ( He has said “You get what you concentrate on.” Based on the concept of opposites, was I also creating a threat every time I asked for, or created, protection? Was I creating my own demons by using a fear-based concept? And if so, how could I change that?

A few years ago, I started attending a group meditation that lasted 60 to 90 minutes. The goal was to welcome all sorts of interesting & useful information from our intuitive selves, and any other entities that might be willing to contact us, or speak through us. The first few sessions were a bit chaotic, as everything but the kitchen sink came through, spiritually speaking, but we soon started declaring our intent with each meditation session, and focused the group, and thing went more smoothly.

So I realized there was a way of focusing and selecting energy without the idea of protection. And I wanted to find the right word, so I could frame my request clearly. The word I use these days is “filter.”

It can be difficult at times to maintain a life free of ongoing nameless fear. Sometimes we can be so inculcated with fear-based attitudes from newspapers, television, government & religious warnings, it can be difficult to maintain a daily level of emotional, mental & spiritual flow. These days when I begin to meditate, or do any similar activity, I create a filter around me that permits me to receive the things I need to receive. I believe the choice of words and concepts is important, as it sets intent.


  1. I like this. Perhaps rather than ‘protection’ finding how to orientate towards our centre, or core, where the oppositions are held and indeed create a dynamic which is this AND that rather than this OR that, as you have indicated with your Yin Yang polarities, which of course, at extreme, contain the other!

  2. Interesting how the use of one word rather than another can make such a difference in how a thought is received – and who receives it!

  3. Tony….This is Brilliant! Happy Thanksgiving!

    On 11/27/13 8:38 AM, “Cosmic Tuesdays by Anthony S. Picco” wrote:

    > aspicco posted: “Years ago, when I first began meditating, I was taught to > create an energy aura around myself to “protect” myself. Since I was new to > the practice, I was not yet inclined to openly question any instructions. In > any educational situation, I believe in lear” >

    • Thanks Monty

  4. Excellent post! A nice look at a way to counter the fear-based world view foist upon us by our society.

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