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If you are looking for an astrology reading, or astrology lessons, you can e-mail me directly at I do readings both in person in NYC and internationally via Skype worldwide. I am reasonably priced and can easily accept payment via PayPal or check.

I can also be found on Facebook under Anthony Picco.

Here are a few testimonials from my clients:
Elizabeth Elson
“Anthony is a tremendously gifted astrologer. His readings are extremely insightful and sensitive, yet practical and grounded. I was amazed at how accurate he was, and felt like his readings offered a deeper level of understanding of my chart  and life path than any other astrologer whom I’ve consulted.  I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone looking for an astrologer!”
Julie P.
“Mr. Picco’s reading was well done! The best part was sitting with him while he explained not just the way it was done but the results and possible uses and implications. It really personalized it while keeping it very professional and credible. This is followed by how to use the results as a tool. It’s been almost 2 years and I still refer back to the reading and learn something new every time.”
Sue M.
“I enjoyed my reading with Anthony. He gave me a lot of accurate information, and hints on how I can deal with my areas of improvement. He has a colorful, fun way of expressing things. In response to one challenge I was having, he explained it in terms of being a super hero—”You’re using your super hearing, but you have super strength, too.” He also picked up on how I was feeling, describing it very accurately by saying, “You’re paddling in the water, and you’re like, where’s land??” He understood me, which I appreciated. And he’s just fun to be around!”
Tony Cimino
“Although I have had several readings in the past, none compare with the reading I had with Anthony Picco. Anthony is one of those Astrologers passionate about Astrology. He lives and breathes his work and the level of the reading supports his dedication. My reading was amazingly accurate and extremely helpful. One can tell from the start that he is there to help and support you. His heart is in the right place – I felt from the start, he was there for me.”
Jessica Warren

“I loved the reading Anthony did for me, because on so many levels it set me free. After the reading, things became so clear to me that I was able to let go of so much of the “woulda, shoulda, coulda” kind of things you think about sometimes. I remember thinking about the reading and falling asleep, kind of mulling it over. I awoke the next morning with a whole different feeling of acceptance of myself in so many ways. To this day I find I am more at peace with myself. So much of what he said cleared up so much of the “fog” for me, and for the first time in my life there seemed to be more of a definition/clear reason, or path to my life, rather then just random experiences.”
Sam Liebowitz, Director, Double Diamond Wellness Center
Host/Producer, Talking Alternative Network
“I have known Tony for many years and he is a wonderful astrologer and metaphysician. His calm and supportive manner leaves one with a sense of peace and possibilities. His in depth knowledge of the Seth Material, as well as his understanding of the metaphysical underpinnings of many modern day trends, shows his commitment to finding the truth in any situation.”

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